Hodur’s Song

Lament that I listened – To Loki’s teasing words“Honour our beloved brother BalderYou cannot harm him – Hurl the twigPromise to protect him has been won from all things No-one could know – None could BlameFair Frigg fetched oaths from all bar oneToo small to swear – Sweet mistletoeIt’s hardened heart became hates barb GoadedContinue reading “Hodur’s Song”

The Peasant and the Flax – a folktale

Long long ago, way up in the mourntains, a peasant family eeked out a meagre existance, they had a small house and a few sheep which the man would follow all over the mountain while foraging for any fruits, seeds or edible herbs he could find.  He carried with him a small hunting bow andContinue reading “The Peasant and the Flax – a folktale”

The Mead of Poetry

One of the many pleasures of Viking life was drinking mead, it was used in religious ceremonies and social gatherings. Every king and jarl would have a meadhall where they lived and where they entertained guests.  There are records of new meadhalls being built for royal visits – and even stories of meadhalls being burnedContinue reading “The Mead of Poetry”

Myths – In the beginning

Far back in time, before history, before the world even existed, there was nothing but a vast yawning abyss, Ginungagap.  To the North the abyss was bitterly cold, here there grew ice and fog, where the cold gathered we call Niflheim.  Within the ice glaciers stirred and icy water flowed, the source of these watersContinue reading “Myths – In the beginning”