The Odins Aett Symbol

I really love how the Odin’s Aett shields stand out when we’re fighting alongside other groups, that flash of blue and green is really distinctive, and looks great, but there is more to it than that, so here’s a brief description of what our group symbol means. We are based in Peterborough which is partContinue reading “The Odins Aett Symbol”

Re-enactment and Me – Lisa’s story

Re-Enactment and Me…………. So, you may have recently been to an event and seen some Vikings living in a camp settlement setting or watched a bunch of nutters putting a display and you are now thinking WOW all seems like fun and wondering how and why people get involved. I wanted to share how itContinue reading “Re-enactment and Me – Lisa’s story”

Training Sessions

Practise sessions are held once a fortnight at an indoor venue in Peterborough, during the summer season we also offer some outdoor sessions. You are welcome to come and join us if you are interested in becoming a member or are a member of another group looking for extra practise. We encourage all members to develop both their combatContinue reading “Training Sessions”

Odin’s Aett – Our Story

This was not the life Ragnarr Jernside expected. He grew up in a fine hall, surrounded by brothers and cousins and fosterlings learning the art of being a Viking Jarl, and it was an art, you needed to be able to pick up a sword and inspire your men from the frontline of the battle,Continue reading “Odin’s Aett – Our Story”