Book Review – The Mead Hall

Stephen Pollington’s “The Mead Hall: The Feasting Tradition in Anglo-Saxon England” is a fascinating read. Using Old English texts, including Beowulf and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, Pollington explains the importance of communal meals and how they shaped early English society. This is backed up with archaeological evidence showing how halls were structured, what their feasting gear lookedContinue reading “Book Review – The Mead Hall”

Longbow Making

Since archery is one of the few bits of training that it has been possible to do while socially distancing we’ve been doing a fair bit of it this year – and after spending a fabulous day making ash longbows yesterday that is definitely going to continue even after covid-19 is just a memory. I’dContinue reading “Longbow Making”

The Importance of Sheep

I was watching a TV programme about the Vikings the other day and it spent a lot of time talking about how impressive the Viking ships were, the amazing woodworking skills and the amount of work that went in to building the boat. All fascinating stuff. There are dozens of pages on the internet andContinue reading “The Importance of Sheep”

Shiltron of Fortriu

It’s not only Vikings we get to have fun with at Re-enactment events. We often find ourselves fighting alongside Picts too. Shiltron of Fortriu are a fabulous bunch of people, very knowledgable about all things Pictish and very distinctive on the battlefield with their H shaped shields. They are based in Staffordshire but can beContinue reading “Shiltron of Fortriu”