Viking Sheildmaiden
Shield Maiden

Odin’s Aett Vikings

Odin’s Aett are a reenactment group portraying Viking life through living history and combat.

Odin was the All-father of the vikings, the god of wisdom, healing, battle, sorcery and poetry among many others.  He embodies all that we aim for as a group.  Aett means a family or group – for example a small band of warriors, this is to emphasize the importance of community and friendship which is at the heart of all we do.

We are based in Peterborough and welcome members from the surrounding area.

We meet once a fortnight for training and crafting sessions and also attend public events around the country.

As well as taking our place on the battlefield or putting on smaller fight displays we are very proud of our lively and interactive living history displays

Different crafts and activities will appear at different events, but may include:

Weapons and armour – our warriors always enjoy talking about their swords, axes, helmets and armour and you can strike a pose with sword and helmet if you fancy the viking look for yourself

Astrid at work
Living History display, Nailbinding, food and spinning

Viking food and drink – cooked over the campfire using the same techniques and ingredients that created viking feasts.  This may include soups and strews, cheesemaking, brewing and anything else we fancy eating

Textiles – nailbinding, weaving, braid making, spinning and more – see what went into making the vikings so stylish 

Games – see what the vikings did for fun with games like Hnefetafl and Kubb

Storytelling – enjoy a norse myth or one of the many folk tales that would be told around the campfire

Leatherworking – shoes, belts, bags, bottles all had to be made by hand by viking craftspeople

Woodturning – watch the pole lathe at work and see where the vikings got their plates and bowls

Occassionally we are plagued by an ugly troll and have to call on any young wanna-be warriers to help fight him off.

He's not just ugly, he's smelly too
Watch out for the Troll

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