Training Sessions

Practise sessions are held once a fortnight at an indoor venue in Peterborough, during the summer season we also offer some outdoor sessions. You are welcome to come and join us if you are interested in becoming a member or are a member of another group looking for extra practise.

We encourage all members to develop both their combat and living history skills, we have an extensive library of reference books and members with years of experience who are always happy to help newer members.

Two members of Odin's Aett practise single combat
One on one priactise with wooden training swords

Regular practise under the guidance of our master at arms ensures that Odin’s Aett members can take part in public combat displays safely and provide an entertaining performance.  The weapons and armour are real and all members are required to wear gloves and helmets for their protection.  While safety is always paramount combat reenactment is a contact sport and a few bruises can be expected. For this reason we do not permit under 18s to take part in combat.  

We have safety kit and weapons available to borrow so you don’t have to spend a fortune to get started. New members are not allowed to join a live battle until they have attended a few training sessions and been signed off as safe by the master of arms or another of the group officers. 

Members learn to fight together as one unit
Boar snout formation

Alongside combat our practice sessions always have an area where members can learn living history skills and make their own kit under the guidance of our living history officers.  The group library is also found in this area where members can borrow from a broad selection of books

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